A downloadable RPG

Ok, here's the game.

You're a pantheon of retired demigods looking to find a new home as you sail the Seven Skies on a haunted pirate starcruiser. Among the gods, emotions run as hot and heavy as a supernova.

Oh wait, what about this?

You're a band of glam-rock dinosaurs trying to depose the Phantom Queen in the wastes of the heavy-metal apocalypse. And the only way to succeed is by relying on each other.

No, hang on, I got it now.

You're a gang of parkour-savvy gun-priestesses trying to clear your names in the neon cityscape of Neo-Tokyo. In order to get what you need, will you sacrifice what you believe in?

Build Your Own RPG is not a game about building RPGs, it's an RPG that you build before you play! It is a small collection of tables that you can choose from (or roll on to decide randomly) in order to build the kind of RPG you feel like playing. The tables help determine the setting, the characters, their objectives, and even the gameplay mechanics that you'll use to help tell your stories.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorAndrew J. Young (he/him)
GenreRole Playing
Tagscustomizable, free, micro-rpg, pdf, Tabletop


Build Your Own RPG.pdf 275 kB
Build Your Own RPG _printer friendly version_.pdf 48 kB


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printer friendly!?!?!? my pc BROKE AND ITS RTX 3090 WIT 16 GIGS OF RAM

or was it designed for actual printers anyway had to post this on my laptop

It's a PDF of a tabletop role-playing game, so both files are PDFs. One has a background image and some color, and the printer-friendly version is black and white with no background.


Nice idea!

Thanks! It was my submission to the 200-word RPG challenge a few years back.

it's a good idea but too many elements are missing to allow a beginner in role playing to play it.


Yeah, it's not very accessible for beginners. (It was written for a role-playing challenge contest with a hard word limit.)

But not all games have to be beginner friendly. By leaning on players' established genre knowledge, this game is able to communicate concepts in much fewer words than if it had to explain everything from scratch.

So, yes, I wouldn't recommend this game for folks who are new to role-playing games.

Porque en pdf?

It's a tabletop game, not a video game, so it is just a PDF of the rules.


thanks, and sorry.

No worries! You're welcome. :)