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Greyholm is a sprawling dwarven metropolis at the center of an empire of craft and trade. And at the center of Greyholm is the ancient Greyholm Keep, built by dwarven forebears millennia ago and maintained by the greatest dwarf artisans of each generation. And the master of Greyholm Keep is the dwarf king, the most powerful figure in Greyholm and a symbol of the city's wealth, politics, and nobility.

When communicating with each other by tapping on rock in secret dwarf Stonesign, the elite guards that protect both the castle and its king refer to them synonymously: Greyholm. And the most dire message among the guards, which indicates that the king has been captured by hostile forces, is simply this: "Greyholm has fallen."


Greyholm Has Fallen is a one-page tabletop RPG designed to be played with 2-6 players, one of whom takes on the role of the Story Guide, facilitating scene setup and describing NPC actions and dialogue. The other players take on the roles of various figures: a lone dwarf determined to save the king, a guard looking for redemption, a thief just trying to make their score, an elf invader just trying to get out alive, and even the captured king.

Greyholm Has Fallen's system is simple, and its job is to facilitate slow-burning action and dramatic climaxes. This game was inspired by fun action movies like Die Hard (and although it took its name from Olympus Has Fallen, it should be more fun than that).


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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