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Lotuspunk is a game where you play Lotus-Eaters, rebellious mortals who have the ability to enter the realm of dreams by eating the lotus flower. In the realm of dreams, you take on the guise of a monster and travel from dream to dream, seeking the dream of Zeus himself. In Zeus's dream, he is not immortal and you can kill him, freeing the mortals living in poverty around Mount Olympus.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAndrew J. Young (he/him)
GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, Dreams, Hacking, Magic, microgame, mythical, pdf, physical, Tabletop


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I love this game's premise a lot. Dream travelers jumping from dream to dream to assassinate a god is great concept, and the way the game is structured on paper sells that initial concept well. Depending on your dice rolls and the draw of the cards, you could either be breezing through dreams or deciding whether or not you're willing to throw your life away for one good card. 

However, there are a few elements I feel need greater clarification. Is the game meant to have a game master determining the dangers that the later levels bring, or is the game GM-less and encouraging total group improv. When should indulgences come into play as a threat? How do injuries factor into play? And how do the god dreams under Zeus add to the danger (Zeus makes you reroll 1s, but the other gods don't seem to have clear abilities like that).

I think these issues come mainly from its micro-RPG nature, but with some tweaks I could see this really coming together as a cool experimental game. 

Thanks, Punk Wrangler!

The game is intended to be GMless, but I'm realizing now that although the rules allow for that, I never stated it explicitly. I'll see if I can run an update to make that clearer.

As for your other questions, they're ones I had considered myself, but I just didn't have the space to resolve them in the text. As you say, that's the nature of microRPGs. Here are some answers:

  • In each dream, at least one player should face an indulgence. In a two-player game, have each player choose two indulgences and don't include any indulgences in the 3rd dream.
  • The effects of 1 injury or 2 injuries are purely narrative, but if a Lotus-Eater sustains 3 injuries, they die.
  • In dreams of the two gods (not Zeus), if you draw a 3rd card, instead draw 2 cards. Discard the higher of these 2 cards and use the lower card as your 3rd card, as normal.

When I get the change to update Lotuspunk, I may use these answers or I may make other decisions or revisions.

Thanks again for your feedback!

– Andrew


Cool, I'm interested to see how things may change with this game over time!