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Ostentia is a city of wealth, magic, and incredible disparity. The city's alchemy guilds hold all the power, with squads of street-level enforcers and an army of mercenaries playing the guilds off each other. The common folk are hired by the guilds to serve in alchemy rituals, draining life from their bodies, paying them their purse of coppers, and sending them home until the next day.

What the city needs is a revolution, but the best you can do is retribution. And distribution. Thwart the guilds' exploitative plots and steal as much gold as you can.

And when the job is done, go back to your family, friends, and familiar haunts. Spend your gold to improve your character and use downtime to help your community.


When the Guilds Pay in Copper, Crime Pays in Gold is a two-page tabletop RPG designed to be played with 2 or more players, one of whom should take on the role of a Story Guide to facilitate scene setup and NPC actions and dialogue. When the Guilds Pay in Copper, Crime Pays in Gold's system uses dice pool mechanics with d6s.

This system gives players the initiative in deciding what their dice pools look like, and then it provides a few options for further customizing dice pools on the fly in order to give players the maximum amount of control over their chances and their character's mechanical growth.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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